Moving to Facebook and LinkedIn

I guess this falls under the good news / bad news category.  I am planning on shutting down my blog over the next 2-3 weeks (the bad news).

However, you can find me via Facebook and LinkedIn (the good news).  I will be putting more energy into my correspondence on those fronts.

I also plan on being a guest from time to time via my wife’s blog,

Later for now – Andrew


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Are you a multi-mode dad?

I am ½ way through a VERY long business trip.   My wife and kids are in survival mode.    It isn’t often I am gone for 11 days straight.

Least to say, my middle son is not taking the break from daddy very well.   I was heartbroken to hear him crying on the phone yesterday morning asking if I was coming home and if I was back from the other side of the world?    So I decided to get my tech savvy business skills working in my favor.   I am used to working email, blackberrys, video, presentations, web meetings and good old phone services to stay connected to co-workers around the world,  so why not for the family?

Multi-mode knowledge workers are the sign of the times and I guess the interactions with family are going to get just as creative.  Why rely on just the phone when so many other channels are available?   Flat world here I come!

I sent Landon a short 15 second video of me talking to him this AM and my wife said he loved it.   In fact, he seemed to be upset I addressed him in the video and not his brother and sister!   I created a video to ALL three before I boarded the plane to Australia.   I am sure the people around me in the concourse think I am crazy…but who really cares.    I won’t see them again.

I think we will try a web meeting with a bit of video once I touchdown.

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My First Woodworking Project!

I know.  I know.  I shouldn’t be so excited about a simple wood box project.  But for a dad who spends 90% of his working time in the digital world, the decision to handcraft a project for my boys from “Santa” was a refreshing change of pace.

I decided to make an indoor sandbox for my two boys after talking with Kimmelin.  We both agreed that this project was probably a good starter for someone who hasn’t done anything more complicated than plug in a drill and mount pictures.

So with a quick trip to Lowe’s I had everything I needed to create an indestructible wood sandbox.  With a circular saw, drill, sandpaper and basic hardware my project came to life.

I think it turned out great.  I know several of the cuts aren’t perfect (a radial arm saw may need to be my next purchase) but all in all, the elves would be proud.

It was a pleasure to watch my boys play in, around and on top of the sandbox over the last few days.  My youngest even jumped up and down in it.  It looks like my design succeeded!



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Frogs, worms, caterpillars and snakes

Frogs, worms, caterpillars and snakes

All the things that make the boy’s room great.

This was my most recent lyrical poetry to convince my older son that it is cool that our youngest son is moving into the other bed in his room.

He loves the idea

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Craftsmanship and Your Career III

I thought I would complete a series of posts on the importance of craftsmanship and your career.  The holy grail of any career is to be the best at what you do.  I don’t care if you are a lobsterman (Part II), bicycle frame builder (Part I) or a writer, the people that strive to be the best are the best.

Unlike apprentices centuries before us, we don’t have to dedicate our entire lives to a single trade.  We live in a country that allows us to create who and what we want to become many times over.   A former colleague of mine was a very successful manager at a specialty metals company and transformed himself into a world-class furniture craftsman.  In many ways, his experience in a completely different industry equips him to be an even better furniture designer.

He is proof that you can be great at many endeavors over the course of your life!

Fedarko Furniture and Design

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Work Surprises You Can’t Make Up

I am rarely caught by surprise when sifting through old photos from my childhood.  They are my memories and I quickly recall the context of the photos as I pull them out.

Several months ago, a co-worker caught me WAY off guard with this photo.  The photo was a jolting reminder of our HISTORY.  Wow!

To my co-worker…thanks!  We laughed hard (and I sincerely hope you don’t still see me as a school boy).


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Wax Seals

Wax seals are a great way to add romance and personality to the letters you give your spouse.

No love letters to your spouse?  Ok – I admit I am light in the romance letter business these days as well.   I dusted off my wax seal a few days ago for a card I gave my wife as part of her birthday present.

In today’s society, wax seals are especially noteworthy because no one uses them anymore.  So if you are looking for a memorable way to seal your precious words to your wife, pick up a nice set of stationary and a personalized wax seal!

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