Are you a multi-mode dad?

I am ½ way through a VERY long business trip.   My wife and kids are in survival mode.    It isn’t often I am gone for 11 days straight.

Least to say, my middle son is not taking the break from daddy very well.   I was heartbroken to hear him crying on the phone yesterday morning asking if I was coming home and if I was back from the other side of the world?    So I decided to get my tech savvy business skills working in my favor.   I am used to working email, blackberrys, video, presentations, web meetings and good old phone services to stay connected to co-workers around the world,  so why not for the family?

Multi-mode knowledge workers are the sign of the times and I guess the interactions with family are going to get just as creative.  Why rely on just the phone when so many other channels are available?   Flat world here I come!

I sent Landon a short 15 second video of me talking to him this AM and my wife said he loved it.   In fact, he seemed to be upset I addressed him in the video and not his brother and sister!   I created a video to ALL three before I boarded the plane to Australia.   I am sure the people around me in the concourse think I am crazy…but who really cares.    I won’t see them again.

I think we will try a web meeting with a bit of video once I touchdown.


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